The Williams Family: Statement on Continued Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Williams Family is deeply disturbed by the attacks between Hamas and Israel, and the effect it has on both Israel and Palestine. To say that this is as simple as black and white would be to have a disintellectual view on the continued Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We do know a few things: Hamas is not representative of the views or beliefs of Palestine, and the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli government isn’t supported by the majority people of Israel. We also know that innocent people on both sides are losing their lives.

As a family that operates multi-nationally with ties in the entertainment, production, and consumer services sectors, we have an obligation both to our consumers and the world to continue to be sensitive, unbiased, and accountable for any part we may play in geopolitical affairs.

While we do not assume responsibility for any party’s actions—nor do we have stake to do so—we condemn violence at any level and against anyone on any side of the situation, especially if it includes the disregard of innocent, civilian life.

All media and press-related inquiries can be directed to Aliza Rouche,

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